Prayer Requests - NC

I have car repairs that have the same problem. In less than 24 hours I spent $320 on a car repair and in less than 24 hours I have the same problem. It's a Christian business. Pray that I have favor when I go back. Thanks.

Pray for my sister Theresa. Lord, please stabilize her blood pressure and cause it to be normal and heal her heart. We trust you, Father.

Please pray for my mom Connie that the Lord will restore her cognition and heal her body in Jesus' name!

Please pray for me to get mortgage approved. I need a decent home for my aging mom who now needs care. I can't bring her to my apartment because it's small.

Please pray for me; I want to be a changed man free from drug use, smoking, and pornography. I really need extra strength not to slip back.

Complete healing from acid reflux and for God to provide financially.

Please pray for Kenny. He needs salvation. He is isolated, miserable, and angry. He is alone and writing off his family basically.

Very lonely this Christmas. No church family. Divorced, and children grown and gone. No family. No friends. Haven't felt a human touch in months.

Protect me from my neighbor's homeless brother, keep away from my stuff. He refuses to go to a homeless shelter due to the spread of COVID-19. He shows up every night.