Prayer Requests - South Korea

Moving on January 4 and starting a new job the same week. Pray for parting with roommate, packing, new job, and a place. Thanks!

That the kids I teach would communicate with me and grow not only in English ability but also spiritually with life in Jesus.

This is a holiday week and everyone is visiting family. I'm alone. Praying for rest, against loneliness, and for productivity. Also, discouraged and disappointed with life here.

Pray for the salvation of Helene, Lezlie, Byram, Merry, Gina and their spouses and families.

Teaching in a new job for greater works. All my lesson plans aren't working. Need to change quickly. Very discouraged.

I cannot see people without heavy make-up due to incurable skin disease. I want to be healed completely and meet people freely. Thanks for praying.

I am fighting laziness, lethargy, and cigarettes. I must study but I sleep all day long and my sense of shame is growing. Please pray for me.

1 month in South Korea. Difficult transition to life and work. Crying at night. Back pain and bad air in the apartment. Teaching in good works school but feel alone.

My name is Ari. I live with my mom. We have been living in a small rental apartment for 29 years, and we have been praying for a long time to move.