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Worldwide Prayer Meeting Live From Plymouth

“We are going to pray from Lot #1 America, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the site of the first house in America, where the 51 Pilgrims who survived the first winter, prayed. We’re going to pray and we’re going to believe that God is going to resurrect this nation again. This prayer meeting is not our idea, this is a God-initiated moment in the history of this nation. The very future of America now depends on our prayers.”

—Pastor Carter Conlon, Times Square Church, NYC


     Tuesday, October 6, 2020


     7:00 PM ET

Live Streaming From

     Lot #1 America
     Plymouth, MA
     The Place Where America Began

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This is a virtual prayer meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

Tell everyone, tell your family, tell your friends and pray with us online from wherever you are, your home, your church. Spread the word on social media!