Prayer Requests - CT

Prayers for our neighbor Mike who lives alone and barely comes out. Open a door to be a witness. Even if it's just coffee. Thanks.

Prayers for Judy who has Parkinson's and Paulette who takes care of her and has her own health condition. They are both in their late 60's.

Prayers for Michael, Roy, Primo and Marley, Malka, Judy and Paulette and Melvin. Salvation. Thanks.

Financial breakthrough. Open a door, Lord. You promised me, Lord. I know You will provide.

Please pray for Eric as he battles Covid-19 in the hospital, his family got infected too. Lord have mercy and be gracious to this family.

Urgent/continued prayer: Michelle/family: Being targeted by evil forces. Grandchild being abused. Pray for God to move in all and send miracles/help to stop it!

Prayer for protection from COVID-19 for the Garcia family. Lord, you are our Shepherd who keeps us safe from harm. Be glorified.