Why Plymouth

What Have We Done With Our Freedom?

In 1620, 102 pilgrims landed on the Mayflower. The 51 who survived that first winter in Plymouth, prayed. They had little strength, no plan, and were surrounded by enemies. All they had was a promise from God that they were being given a land where every person could worship Him freely and according to conscience.

God was faithful in bringing them here and giving them this land, but in 400 years, what have we done with the freedom He gave us?

We took our freedom and enslaved an entire race of people. He prospered us as a nation, and we became greedy as a people. Our families are broken. Our children are being indoctrinated in schools starting from daycare. We have changed the definition of marriage. We are aborting babies at the point of birth. Our nation is unraveling. Our only hope for the future is God.

That’s why we’re going back, 400 years later, to Lot # 1 where our nation began, and we’re going to pray. We are going to re-discover our roots and reclaim the promise of God that made America. When we open the prayer meeting in Plymouth, we’re going to repent and ask God to forgive us for what we’ve done with the freedom He gave us. God told me we need to confess the sins of the nation one by one and ask for forgiveness.

A Mercy Moment for America

We are going to pray and believe God for a mercy moment for our nation. Mercy moments are initiated by God. We see these moments throughout the Bible and throughout history. Moments where God has already decided to move and to show mercy, but He is looking for a people, anyone, who will agree with Him.

He is looking for somebody who will say: “God, the whole of society deserves to be judged, but I’m hearing something from Your heart that You want to show mercy. So, I’m standing in the gap between this moment that deserves the justice of God and the mercy that I’m hearing in my heart. I’m standing in the gap and I’m believing that You want to show mercy.” It’s not about us, it’s about Him! That’s what a mercy moment is and that’s why we are going to pray.

Why Plymouth

Plymouth plays a significant role in our spiritual history. My wife and I, Pastor Teresa Conlon, were led to visit Plymouth in 2019, where we met a couple who had been led of God to purchase Lot #1, the site of the house where the 51 pilgrims prayed and covenanted with God. The couple, who is part of our Worldwide Prayer Meeting online every Tuesday, had been praying for a spiritual awakening in America and had asked God if He could arrange for them to meet me. My wife and I visited their house on Lot #1 and prayed with them.

I was so moved by the presence of God as we prayed in Lot #1, that I cried out to God that night. “Lord, why did You take me to that house?” I asked, “We know this was a divine appointment. What was it that you are trying to speak to my heart?” That night, the Lord took me back to the scripture in Second Chronicles. He began to speak to me about the covenant promise that He made to those 51 who prayed. As the scripture says about the children of Israel, they did not get the land in possession by their own strength. God gave them the land.

Pray With Us

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the Times Square Church Worldwide Prayer Meeting was live-streamed from Lot #1, America in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the site of the first house in America and where the 51 pilgrims who survived the first winter after landing on the Mayflower, prayed and covenanted with God.

God called us back to Plymouth, our spiritual roots, to ask for forgiveness and believe Him for a mercy moment for our nation at this pivotal time.

We invite you to watch the video and join us as we continue to pray for mercy for our nation.

Pastor Carter Conlon
General Overseer, Times Square Church