Prayer Requests - Guyana

Please pray for my health as I have been sick with upper respiratory illness for over 15 years, and my mom too. I believe I can be fully healed by God.

Pray for me and my best friend Hafraz, that God restores our friendship, heals all our pain. That we live in harmony, United in God.

God restore my friendship with my best friend. Heal us and bring us close to you. Forgive our sin, and provide all we need to be your vessel.

Recently fired and friendships are broken. I feel alone and very depressed. Need guidance, direction, healing, peace, and restoration of friendship.

I am in serious financial crisis. Might lose my job and my coworkers are making my life hell. I'm becoming depressed. Help me Lord.

Please pray for my best friend, Hafraz, whose aunt passed away recently, that he and his family find the peace of God, comfort and joy.

I am asking urgent prayers for my friend, Tuttie, who needs Jesus in his life today. Fill him with your love, guard, keep and save him.

Pray that I find a good job where my skills can be used effectively. Also pray that I find good friends, and a new affordable home.

I fired a worker/friend because my boss made me do it. I feel so terrible. Pray that he forgives me, and that God provides for all his needs.

I am running away from where God placed me. I am so scared. Tired and overwhelmed. Help me Jesus.