Prayer Requests - Argentina

Pray for the salvation of Andrea, Claudia, and Diego. That they regret not talking to their mother. Thank you!

TSC, pray for protection from enemy attacks against my marriage. God bless you and thank you.

Pray for my brother-in-law, Gustavo, who is in the hospital. He is critically ill with pneumonia, an enlarged heart, and serious kidney problems.

TSC, Pray for Ruben and me, our health, and finances. We are senior citizens without work. Pray that my pension payments will be sent to me. Blessings, brothers and sisters!

TSC Pido oraciA³n por mi familia y salud, y nuestras finanzas, personas mayores sin ingresos ni trabajo. Bendiciones y gracias Iglesia!

TSC, reza por la opresiA³n diabA³lica en la cabeza, trae tristeza y lucha. Para mi jubilaciA³n se aprobA³ pronto ahora sin recursos econA³micos. Bendici.

TSC, I ask you to pray that Andrea, Claudia, and Florencia will be converted to Christ and will come to know Jesus. Pray for unity in the family. Blessings, and thank you.

TSC, I ask for prayer for my son, Diego, who lives in a war zone in Armenia. Pray for his protection and conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. Blessings!

Pray for Argentina. There is a lot of corruption in the government. May the Lord put His hand on it and change everything. May they come to know Him. Touch their hearts. Thank you, Church.

TSC, I ask for prayer for Cesar and Graciela, that they will leave my grandparents' house. They are trespassing. May justice condemn them. Thank you, Church.