Prayer Requests - PA

Please pray for FC. For the healing of bladder cancer and a closer walk with the Lord.
Thank you.

Heal my brother's relationship with his wife, pray he will give up on himself or God. I need healing from depression and identity confusion. surrender to God.

My Aunt Barbara suffered a massive stroke and now has COVID-19.
Please pray for her recovery and her salvation. Thanks.

Praying for Brandon and Giana, baby coming soon, bless this family Lord, with your presence, for this way can this marriage be a blessing! In Jesus Name.

Please pray that my family would repent and come to Christ. God give them repentant hearts. Soften their hearts, everyone in my family, please.

Mary Lou is healing from fresh knee replacement and now has a tear in retina in her eye w/high bp. Surgery is Wed then she must lay on the stomach 2 weeks.

Hi, please pray for my 4 grown children. Two daughters are going through marriage separations. Prayers for salvation and family unity. For me, 67 years old and I live alone. Thanks.

Continued prayer for grandchildren, we have ten grandchildren, that don't know the Lord. Pray for stepson, Monk, to be released from prison.

Please pray for my ears. Experiencing pressure and extreme discomfort for 2months. Specialists don't know why. Difficulty eating, sleeping, weight loss.

Believing God for total healing for a young woman who needs a heart transplant. Her name is Qahliyyah. He is able!