Prayer Requests - ME

Please pray for the holy baptism of Jesus to happen here in this state and around the world, in Jesus' name. Amen!

I need to know Him more. I feel hard of heart. Distant. I need to know He hasn't given up on me because of years of indifference.

Please pray for those struggling with addictions. Lord send your healing power and mercy to those who need urgent deliverance from their addictions!

Lord thank you for our son Cory, please heal him as he longs to walk even closer with you but can barely pray or think clearly but his heart remains.

My ministry partner (and companion of 13 years) and I had a horrible falling out. Pray for protection and that Satan not be allowed to destroy what God gave us.

Please pray that my shoulder MRI on December 8th will be normal, and that God would touch my shoulder. Thank you TSC.

Praise God for the victory over our battles. Still praying for Tammy and her family needing rent, by faith He will provide!

Please pray that Nathan will have his eyes and ears opened. Thank You!

Tammy and family still need a place to move to soon! Plus for this country to accept their errors!

Holy Spirit, pray through us. May our prayers be heard by you, Lord God. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Thank you, Jesus.