Prayer Requests - Egypt

Please pray for my dead marriage to restore again. My wife left me with big scars and a broken heart.

Please pray for healing, I have a blood clot in my leg and couldn't have surgery because of a health condition (age and heart). Thank you.

Discovered my husband has been having extramarital relationships for years. He is also a narcissist. Prayer is needed for his freedom.

Please pray for Christian converts in Egypt for Jesus to surround himself with them.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit to move mightily upon the Egyptians, this year of miracles. God who is love, reach into Egypt.

Prayer for President Al Sisi, for the fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit, for Bibles and Christian stores to open in Egypt.

Any prayers TSC could send for poor Joseph who is locked up in a cell! But feel no sorrow, do not grieve, for he would not want you to.

TSC, please help me pray for my employer and his marriage. His wife would never tow the line; it's all there in chapter 39 of Genesis.

I'm not going to church for 6 months. I've started sex with a married man and I can't stop. I feel dirty and far from God. I want God back.