Prayer Requests - Bosnia and Herzegowina

Pray for my son to be delivered from oppression, drug addiction, adultery and thinking of suicide, and for the young lady who is hanging out with him.

Please pray for my cousin's granddaughter. She did not sit up until 15 months of age. She is having a medical investigation looking for a cause.

Please pray for my friend's church which has been attacked again by Muslims. That the Lord would pour out His Holy Spirit. Save many Lord.

Please pray that the Lord would protect Bosnia from Isis. That the Lord would reveal where Isis is in Bosnia and break up the sleeper cells.

Please continue to pray about the increasing threat from ISIS in Bosnia. For the fledgling church to be strong in the Lord in His power.

Please pray for a pastor friend's church targeted by ISIS in Bosnia. Please also pray as ISIS is training members in Bosnia to attack Europe.

Please pray for me, Katarina P., for my financial blessing, thanks. God bless you.