Prayer Requests - Gabon

Pray for my healing, I have been sick on and off. Doctors cannot find what is the cause of my violent migraines. Please pray for me, I feel like dying.

God be with Vivien and help him to get his high school diploma, please. Thank you God.

God destroy the devils who are killing the children and adults by rituals killing in Gabon. Jesus, destroy the devils and the rituals killing phenomena.

God be with Georges N. and Yvonne M., their children and grandchildren. God bless this family and protect this family.

God be with Mathilde N. and her pregnancy. God be her doctor, help her to give birth very well to a beautiful baby boy. God bless her and family.

God be in Georges R and Mazambe Yvonne's children, grandchildren, for their businesses, bless them, with a green card.

Pray for Paul. God help him to be healed, and for him to come back to his children's house. God release him from the hospital for home, and to bless him.

God bless the children of Georges N and Yvonne M, God bless their grandchildren, protect all the members of their family.