Prayer Requests - OH

Please pray for the workers of the Voice of the Martyrs, that the Lord will protect, bless, and use them in Jesus' name. Thank you.

My boss said I am racist on my evaluation plus other horrendous lies; don't know why. Put me on a 90-day probation. I need wisdom and protection.

Please pray for healing over my sinuses and eyes. I am tired of living with these health issues. IA´ll let you know when I'm healed.

Please pray for the salvation of my 16-year-old son Luke. That God would draw him to His side and open his eyes to see his need for Jesus. Thank you!

Pray my family will be reunited to live under one roof. We both need to find jobs in the same town.

Pray for my spiritual life; that am fully delivered from ancestral covenants. Also pray for me to get a good job as a physician in my specialty.

Please pray for my husband Ron. He lost his job in May, had a heart attack in September, and now tested positive with COVID-19. Thank you TSC.

My wife is in the ICU suffering from COVID-19. Her condition is not good.
Please pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks!

My daughter Meagan, making false allegations of abuse against her dad. She has a baby and continues to smoke pot and possibly do drugs.

Matt and I met at TSC Young Adults in December 2000 and were married in March 2002. Our marriage is broken. Asking the Lord to heal from the rubble.