Prayer Requests - Sweden

My very young son put out a video of him naked on snapchat in official mode. Please pray for him and us. (No more phone).

Please pray for my children. They are getting more and more into demonic and worldly thing. Even my youngest child is getting worse. Thank you.

Please pray for my mom, she's been sick for weeks and very weak. Life is tough for my family, the house needs major cleaning and repairs.

I need help in prayer for my wife and three adult children who all battle with chronic illnesses. My son also needs restoration from a broken heart.

My boyfriend hurts me by his interest in other women. Obvious that I'm not good enough. Pray for his heart and for me to find strength to go.

Please pray for the salvation of my brother, my brother-in-law, his siblings his mum, my mother-in-law and all her children/grandchildren.