Prayer Requests - Mali

Please pray for my mom who is battling breast cancer and pray for me for all evils to stay away and the strength to overcome this difficult situation.

Pray for my boss Koen to have a discerning spirit and wisdom. He is new to the job and surrounded by negativity. He needs a God-fearing cabinet.

Please pray that I receive peace, stability and happiness. There are moments that I am depressed and lonely. Need God's presence and guidance.

Pray that I am delivered from all of sin's curses. I need new beginning and stability in my life.

Please pray that I get the job promotion that I applied for. For God to grant me favour and silence the tongue and actions of my enemies.

Pray for my new boss K. Pray that God may give him a discerning spirit and wisdom. And that he sets up a new God fearing cabinet.

Pray for God to give me a new stable job and a new home. Feeling sad and lonely over my current work place environment. I need a breakthrough.

Pray for God to silence the tongues and actions of those who rise against me. Also for the light of God to consume all darkness in MINUSMA.

Pray for God to grant me a blessed and stable life. I would like to settle down and have a place to call home.

I need God's guidance for my career path. Not sure whether I should remain in my difficult work environment or move. Please pray for me.