Prayer Requests - Switzerland

That all my teeth be white, strong, healthy, and full in number permanently. Healthy pink may my gums be. No infection in me.

My head hair not.

My wife Ursula is in the hospital since two months ago, had three surgeries, and she is still in a critical condition. Pray that the Lord comforts and protects her.

Please Jesus Christ, deliver me from insomnia and nightmares. Thank You for giving me peaceful nights, so that I can rest and serve You well. God bless.

Georges L. has spine cancer. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you, TSC.

Please pray for my daughter Angelina. She is 17-years-old. Last week she disappeared. She went to stay with very bad satanic people who take drugs.

Pray that our Bundesrat (the government of Switzerland) will call the country to a national day of prayer regarding the coronavirus crisis and that this will start repentance.

Please, Lord, I want to sleep. Please, let this spiritual harassment stop.
God bless you.

I ask for prayer for my son. He is confused and has given up his interest in studying and should graduate from high school next year for a better future.

Please pray for the President of our church elders who is battling liver cancer and threat of kidney shut-down. We ask for a miracle of healing.

I have tinnitus and it's getting worse. I'm also in need of a new apartment. Thanks.