Prayer Requests - Croatia

Please pray that my post covid sinus problem and backpain be healed. I'm not functionable, in fear. Also, I'm dependent, want to quit it.

Pray for my brother in Christ, Sven (21 years old). He is diagnosed with kidney autoimmune disease, out of nowhere. Pray for his strength and miraculous healing.

I fight loneliness and I'm in horror of relationships due to previous experiences. I'm saved, was even delivered but this thing is overwhelming me. Please pray.

Please pray God brings peace in my marriage. Holy Spirit live in our home, heal me from thyroid, depression, muscle stiffness, and drug addiction.

Please pray for a friend's wife who signed divorce with no reason. They have 2 little daughters. Join standing against enemy in our families lives.

I'm a newborn devoted Christian. Enemy torments my mind with swears and evil scenes. I hear annoying sounds in my head at times. Please pray.