Prayer Requests - Syria

Praise the Lord that He heard prayers about Raqqa. Lord pour out your Holy Spirit on Raqqa and Syria. Deliver the people from satan and save many.

Lord be with our brothers and sisters who have fled their homes in Raqqa. Lord be with them and comfort them. Lord make a way for them and the gospel in Syria and Iraq. You will build your church, hell cannot prevail against it.

Lord, push back the powers of darkness in Raqqa and deliver the people from Isis and Islam. Lord, the thief comes to kill but you came to set the captives free. Lord, set the captives free and deliver them from the lies of the enemy.

TSC, please pray that the Lord would push back the powers of darkness in Raqqa and deliver from ISIS. Let ISIS realize that they serve Satan.

Lord, thank you that you died on the cross for ISIS and the Muslims in Syria. Pour out your Holy Spirit, raise a standard. Save souls from hell.

Lord your word says you will build your church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Lord build your church in Syria and Iraq.

Lord deliver all in Raqqa from the enemy's grip. Push back Isis and the powers of darkness. Expose the lies of satan. Protect Christians.

Lord , come in power and pour out your Holy Spirit on Syria. Push back the powers of darkness. Stop the use of chemical weapons. Lord have mercy.

Humble the political leaders in Syria tonight cause them to surrender and repent for Jesus to make himself known in Syria.

Lord, stop the killing of the innocent people in Aleppo by either side. Lord save Assad and Syrians. God lift the enemy's deception. Mercy.