Prayer Requests - Israel

In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for prayer to the Father to work Justice towards; Martha, Lucia, Murillo, Candamil, Jefferson, Vera, Murillo, Lilian.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for prayers to the Father that He will render justice towards Martha and Jefferson.

Please pray for our 11-year-old son who suffers from panic attacks. That this will turn into a testimony for him like it did for Pastor Conlon. Thanks.

Prayer for two families. D and E died of coronavirus in the last couple of days. Pray God touches the heart of our loved ones that still don't know Him.

Please pray for Hanna, a beautiful teenage girl who was diagnosed with leukemia. Pray that the Lord would completely heal her and draw close to her family.

Prayer, for Israel to come up with the serum to stop this virus, and that they become healing to the nations this Passover.