Prayer Requests - Russian Federation

Deliverance of (my daughter Mariem) the lawful captive of the adversary.
isaiah 49:24-29.

Shalom, my prayer request, rather even a cry, I am currently in retreat from the Lord, returned to the same sins that I once repented and in hopelessness now.

Please support us in prayer. Our six-year-old son Philip, was diagnosed with autism. Thanks.

Please support us in prayer. Our six-year-old son Philip was diagnosed with autism. My wife and I pray and believe that God will heal him completely.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am desperate for God's healing, help with finances and help getting out of the place where I'm living that is bad for me.

I desperately need God's help. Things are very difficult - I really need a miracle. Could you please pray for me? Thank you so much.

Please pray for me and for my father. We need support and God's help, because of oppression and current difficulties.

Clients owe me money (for work I've recently done) that I was really counting on to pay rent. Could you please pray that they pay me soon?

I work online and my money hasn't been transferred from my PayPal account into my bank account yet. I must pay rent this coming Wednesday and I have nothing. Please pray for me. I have no one to help me, and no credit to get.