Prayer Requests - Dominica

I think my niece, eldest sister (her mom), the sister after myself or someone else may be utilizing my identity in the USA. Please pray for recovery.

I am in need of two major immediate miracles. An apartment to rent. Also, finances to purchase a hard drive, a mattress, and other household essentials.

Pray for a favor from within the US, breakthrough, and financial open doors
I am seeking to resume my studies in order to fulfill my potential.

Please pray for me. I am a police officer and charged for murder. Please pray for me that God see me through the situation.

Please pray that the Lord walk through my family home and lead us to follow him. Pray for my auntie Clavia and uncle Franklin.

Please pray for my family. Especially my brother Mickel. Pray that the Lord intervene in our lives.

Please pray for my family. Especially my brother M, as his behavior towards us has changed due to the impact of bad of company & friends.