Prayer Requests - ME

Please pray for healing from cancer and for my lungs. Also for strength and encouragement. Thank you.

Please pray for my sister Dolores. She is sick with fibrosis and other health problems. Also, for Rick to come back to the Lord. Thank you.

Please pray for Justin T, he has cancer and is very tired, still works every day. Thank you.

Our 31-year-old grandson had a heart attack. Please pray that the doctors can find and fix the problem.
Thanks, in Jesus' name.

Please keep praying for me. I'm lonely, hurt, weak and depressed. I don't really have anyone anymore I need help.

Dr. Merideth Norris she needs a legal miracle. She saved my life. She's not guilty of what the Government accuses her of. Please pray that the Lord breaks the hold of the devil's hand in this.