Prayer Requests - New Zealand

Pray for God to make a way out of no way, that I'm rescued from having men in this house at night putting my life at risk through my son. Thank you.

Pray for my son to have a mental health assessment. Pray for helpful support that can lead him out of the behavior that has ruled this house for 2 years. Thank you.

Pray for a difficult situation, JJ (and family) who is entering teenage years involving bullying and isolation in an institutional setting.

Pray for John to be saved and for his relationship with his children to be healed and restored.

Please pray for me to do well in the Call Centre Job I do and to work my way up and make a lucrative career. Also, for the online business, I have.

I had an upper moler tooth extracted a few months ago and it is not healing. Please pray this will heal. Thank you and God bless.

Prayer for my family to come back to God. Prayer that God's perfect will be done in the US elections and beyond to the rest of the world.

Please pray for professional support, an advocate act for me regarding this house. Place to move, helpers to get me there and the money to live.

Please pray for Sophie to access mental health care. Pray for the violence to end, productive life earning, enough food, accommodation and support.