Prayer Requests - WV

I need guidance from the Lord on my career path in finding a good job. My faith is weak. I need the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Hi Pastor Conlon, I recently had the yearning to become a pastor, but I am not sure if it is a dream of mine or am I being called. Please help!

Please pray God's will be done in my life. I will be 77 in July. I am living with my brother that is not saved. I need a place of my own to live.

I have been experiencing almost debilitating fear that has caused me to pretty much be a shut-in at 47 years old. I've repented of sin, prayed, praised, and begged.

I am so lonely and I started drinking to get through the night. Please pray that God would help me find a church.

A dear friend, Jeff, is in ICU with critical heart issues. Please pray for him and Cindy (his other half), whom I've known since childhood. Thanks.