Prayer Requests - Turks and Caicos Islands

Please pray for my total healing and restoration after freak injuries while on missions trip and vacation. Flying home Monday. May my body testify to His healing.

Prayers for healing and restoration of my feet and knees, and a miracle regarding an inoperable bunion and deformed foot. Pray for a miracle for Dan's foot too and to be testimonies to the doctor.

Please pray for healing miracle in my nerves and sinews. I have suffered pain for over 40 years and desperately want to be healed and finally free of pain.

Please pray for my dog's healing who has been diagnosed with Lyme disease for a 2nd time in 3 years. She was miraculously cured the first time.

Please pray for safe flights and without turbulence during both and landing to NYC on Friday. My wife is prone to air sickness.

Prayers for Nava's complete recovery and restoration (her liver ) from Lyme disease with no complications or side effects; for normal enzymes and body function.

Prayers that Nava will be healed of Lyme disease with no evidence in a blood test or any manifesting symptoms. Thank you TSC and bless you.

Prayer for healing of eye inflammation due to allergies and vision to be restored. Medicine not working. Pray for a miracle in my body and soul. Thank you.

Please pray for healing and restoration of tendon sheaths and bones in wrists and hands due to strains. May God make me a testimony of His healing mercy.