Prayer Requests - Turkey

There is an unbelieving immigration officer named Omer in turkey. He causes immigrants problem. Please pray.

Pray for my wife Marla to be healed in her back, ears and every part of her body. She loves God and lives for him. She has been suffering for years.

Pray for me to stop watching pornography, to love Jesus, to live for him, to repent from all sin, and to read his word.

Lord, I thank you for the critical heart condition my loved one has. I thank you for keeping power. I thank you for wisdom in decision-making.

Hi, I lost my mom. I miss her so much, and she wasn't a Christian. I'm afraid of not seeing her again. Can you pray for peace for me, please?

Pray for J's surgery, to remove cancerous cells, to be successful. For a quick, complete healing and recovery.