Prayer Requests - Philippines

Hi Good evening Times Square Church. Please pray for me I don't know what to pray I'm so much confused but I need prayer so badly. Help me.

Please pray for us, for no infection of the coronavirus, in Jesus' name, amen.

TSC, please pray for Angelo to be healed by the Lord Jesus and hospital bills provision, amen. God bless TSC.

M.I.T. early admissions results are scheduled to be released sometime in mid-December, next week. I pray for positive results and blessings for my college applications.

Please pray for divine healing for Angelo. He is very sick at the hospital, Amen in Christ Jesus. Thank you, TSC. God bless.

TSC, please pray for us here for the monthly rental for our worship service place here at CLWC in Mandaluyong, Philippines. Amen. God bless TSC.

TSC please pray for my fellow Filipinos who are in need of help after the big flood at Cagayan, Marikina, Isabela, Montalban, Rizal. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for the pneumonia of Dollie to be healed, by His glorious name Lord Jesus Christ, amen. Thanks.

Please help me get through this pain I am feeling. I am scared of what will happen to me.

Please pray for:
1. Provision for Church Building.
2. More spiritual leaders to be spread throughout the highlanders area in our place.
3. More passion for the Lord and His work.