Prayer Requests - Guatemala

Pray for my son Jose, who is going to play baseball at Nicaragua. May God protect him on the trip and in the games. For his health during the trip.

Please pray. I feel that I'm in a spiritual battle for my joy and peace in my Father. Satan can't be allowed to take from me what is mine in Christ Jesus.

Please pray that my Guatemalan daughter's visa, will be finished up and back to her, to go to the states next week. Embassy has her passport.

Please pray for Guatemala, 80% of the country is flooded. As a developing country this is a disaster in so many ways. As of Sunday the worse is to come.

Pray for the health of my son Jose. He has high temperature since yesterday. Please pray that the Lord heal him and give him strength.

Please pray for spiritual and physical strength. I feel under attack with life being drained from me. My prayers are being heard but not answered.