Prayer Requests - Iraq

Lord pour out your Holy Spirit on Mosul and Iraq, to raise a standard of salvation against the enemy. Lord, only you can save souls from hell.

Thank you, Lord, for a destroyed church being rebuilt by Muslims and Christians in Mosul. Lord pour out your Holy Spirit to build your church.

Lord, the effective prayer of the righteous availeth much. Stop Isis, push back the enemy, shake Islam, pour out your Holy Spirit and save.

Come Holy Spirit exalt Jesus as King over Iraq send forth your breath and heal your people.

Please pray for a miracle that the Holy Spirit move into Iraq, to end the Islamic hatred and control over people's life's this year.

TSC please pray for 200 children kidnapped by Isis to be used as human shields in Mosul. Lord deliver them from wickedness and save them.

Lord bring your deliverance to Iraq. You and you alone are Lord. Come in power and glory. Lord bring your love into this enemy battle. Mercy.

Lord, we bring before your throne the people in Mosul and Iraq. God pour out your Holy Spirit. Lord, bring salvation and comfort. God, only you.

Lord we are crying out for Joel 2:28 on Iraq and Syria and Isis. You promised visions, dreams and signs and wonders. Lord deliver fast.