Prayer Requests - IA

Please pray for God to heal me of hernia. Our God is able. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for my son Dustin that he will surrender his problems and addictions over to God. Pray for restoration and peace in the family.

Pray for a quick settlement in the moving company case. Do not want to go to court. Pray for a good monetary settlement. That is what I want.

Prayer for a very real encounter with Jesus Christ, for solid Christian prayer partners and friends, for healing in my body, and guidance.

Body of Jesus, would you please pray for me as I have been diagnosed with a hernia. Our God is able, thank you and God bless you.

Father, I humbly request that you move hastily to bring light to this situation, show your mighty hand, deliver your people, humble the haughty, being.

Pray for God to move powerfully in our church and for my wife and I to be led by the Holy Spirit as we are leading as pastors.

My 19-year-old granddaughter Makenna has tried to commit suicide three to four times. She has recently made another attempt and we have not been able locate her.

I need money to buy a house. Pray for me, body of Jesus Christ, Thank you.