Prayer Requests - Jordan

Pray for salvation for Tareq. He is a Muslim but prayed to Jesus for help. He is very depressed and in a difficult situation.

For divine wisdom to lead the mission in Yemen with resounding success that can only be attributed to God. Amen.

Prayer for the Christians in Jordan, for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and for great Love for people and to be soul winners.

My cousin Ola has cancer in her lungs. She is in the hospital now and in a bad situation.

Please pray for my safety and protection, I am very fearfully of the evils of "Satan's children" which are around me. God richly bless you.

Please pray for safety and security for us and for our property and for the protection from the evil. We need that so much in these horrible times.

Prayer request for safe release of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist, captured by the ISIS in Syria. God be with him.

Please remember the Christians and Christian schools in Jordan. Blessings on New York.