Prayer Requests - Belgium

I live in constant suffering and have been since I was 13. I am now 36.
Pray for God to guide me to know if euthanasia will lead me to hell or not.

I would like to ask God, to deliver my mother from the bondage of an unhappy marriage. I pray that she will be free from alcoholism and support her children.

Please pray for my father (Alan). He just caught fever and I'm afraid he got COVID-19. Thank you brethren. SHALOM.

Dear Mr. Conlon, please pray against the RFID chips. They are a nuisance and the modern mark of the beast. I'm so exhausted seeing it everywhere.

Please pray for La Porte Ouverte in Mulhouse and his senior pastor Samuel, who are persecuted and threatened. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for Carine L, who suffers serious bloodlosses since a recent surgery due to fybroms. She's weak and losing her hair, she's afraid. Thank you.

Please pray for Sister Annick T., who was diagnosed with an angioma on her brain. She believes God can heal her. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for Emma. She has final stage of pancreatic cancer with metastasis at her liver; together with other health issues at her larynx. Thank you.