Prayer Requests - Hong Kong

Been praying and waiting on God for a full-time job for a year and am still believing. God, deliver me to work and be a blessing to the people I work with.

I've lost my assurance, am doubtful, anxious and cold. I have started drinking regularly. Often fall into pornography. I'm a father and a husband.

Please pray for my workplace. There is a lot of gossip in the department. It is an unhealthy environment and some people are creating divisions.

Please pray for my father's lung sickness and the shortage of breath to be healed and for creative miracles for the honeycomb issues.

Dear Jesus, I don't see any fairness in this world. I am praying long time, let ghosts drive away, but it stays here. I have rheum (1 week) and can't heal.

Dear Jesus, Please help heal my mom, because her lower torso is in pain. And heal her bone fracture from both feet.