Prayer Requests - Puerto Rico

I have a pain on my right side and went to the ER. They did a CT scan but they can't find anything. Asking for healing.

Please pray for my cousin David. He is in the hospital with cancer, low hemoglobin
and in pain. Please pray for healing and strength in this difficult time.

My daughter, Joyce, moved to South Korea and got married over there before COVID. She has stopped communicating with us after she converted Buddism.

Asking God for direction and peace. Also for a friend of mine that she will make peace with her daughter, healing and restoration. Also provision.

Please pray for my 95-year-old mother who is not feeling well. She has pains all over her body, especially her legs. Her blood pressure keeps going up, too. God bless you.

I know it might seem silly but I know that for God there is nothing too small to ask. All of my animals are sick. Please pray for healing in Jesus' name!