Prayer Requests - Malawi

Please pray for my business project grant which was already promised but it seems that it is going to be cancelled here in Africa.

1. Praying for a better paying job. I am jobless
2. Pray for growth of love and understanding between me and Sheriffa
3. My finances

3. Financial.

I need provision to build a house to help feed and care for children. We have many children in Malawi that are suffering. Please pray.

Help me in prayers:
1- That I may live a life that is pleasing to God
2- Excellence in business, academics, career, marital life, and finances.

Please pray for me to stand still in Christ and that the Lord equips me with resources to win souls for the kingdom of God.

Pray for baptism of the Holy Ghost for my friend Gomezyan, and for my friend Joseph who collapsed yesterday. Help me praying for healing.