Prayer Requests - Norway

Please pray for Susanne. She is going to take an MRI because of a lot of headaches. There are brain tumors in the family.

Desperate very afraid seeking God over 25 years for faith and assurance. Lord take away my fear of your coming. Open my door, last prayer meeting waiting.

Please pray for two friends. One needs help to lose weight, another friend needs healing in the digestive system with organs and immune system.

My name is Noah, I am 8 years old and my great granny helps me to pray for my dad. Benjamin is his name and he uses drugs and alcohol. Jesus help.

My deaf, homeless daughter is struggling with depression and drugs. Pray for salvation, a sound mind, a place to live, and the right help. She needs a miracle.

Pray for healing for a friendA´s digestive system, organs, and immune system. Another friend needs help to lose weight. Both need more of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for my friend Mr.Eriksen, that he swelling on the nerve causing him to being paralyzed from the neck and down will go away now.

Please pray for Anny, she needs healing from cancer. Please pray for Hans, he needs healing in his back and hip. And to be happy in Jesus again.