Prayer Requests - OK

I have been praying for restoration in a relationship, but I want God to show me clearly if it's meant to be restored. Pray for me to not be confused.

Pray for my son, Zach, and his girlfriend Aubrey, my daughter, Lacy, and her husband, Michael, and my niece, Mary. They are not where they need to be with Jesus.

My son is struggling so much with anger and anything that has to do with hard work. He needs a man to step into his life, to teach him to be Christ-like. Please pray.

Please pray that the post office will deliver our mail. A friend and her neighbors have not received mail in two weeks. My card has not been delivered to my son yet.

Please pray for the nation to reserve the glory of Jesus and that we may find His grace.

Please pray for M and other people that work with our students and are in witchcraft. Thank you.

The Lord Jesus will light an unquenchable, uncontainable fire, for His presence and holy word in Marvin and 3 daughters Daquelia, Amyjo, Nikki, for His glory.

Pray for my mom's salvation and for her to be treated nice. Pray that she can hear better. She is in a nursing home. Thank you.

Please pray for 7-year-old Debbie who lost her eyesight and both parents in a bombing. She is living with an aunt and will have surgery on her eyes.