Prayer Requests - OR

Please pray that our business will receive work. The need is immediate.
Your prayers are much appreciated. Thank You.

Please pray for my father who is 99 yrs old and has to have surgery. He is afraid. I would like for him to be able to come home. He knows the Lord.

Please pray for Oregon, our new governor and for our police department.

Psalm 107 prayer for Jesus to settle me. That I won't be alone for Thanksgiving or Christmas and that He won't leave me to myself.

Pray for our police officers and their families psalm 91 for Jesus to say enough and it's time to Act against the onslaught.

Please pray for my three sons, especially the middle one who is unsaved and drinks a lot. Also, pray that the Lord would lead me to the right area and home to move to.

Please pray for our child to be set free from damage from alternate hormones and prescription drugs and now marijuana use. This is not the child we raised.

Pray for Jesus to help me and meet me where I am. I've been wandering alone for 11 years.

Pray for the officials who are passing laws to legalize hard drug. Use to feel that impact in their own homes put protection over God's people.

Prayer for my brother from Peru, Roberto V. he needs strength and wisdom to protect his two kids, a boy and girl, ask God to come to his life.