Prayer Requests - NY

Pray for Michelle to be saved and to get over her addiction to drinking blood. May she find peace in Jesus.

Please pray for my cousin Jay and me to find a career, a local home church, and a life partner.

Help me to get closer to Christ Jesus. In these last days, I have been a little scared. I pray for strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and my enemies.
Thank you.

Our 16-year-old addict son, Caleb, ran away. He is running from God first, then from us. Please pray that God will get a hold of his heart and return him home.

Please pray for Rachael a single mother who is seeking safety for herself and her daughter. They need Jesus' intervention. Thank you.

I have fear and anxiety and lose sleep over things going wrong for the work I do. Pray that all will be well and that God will protect my work.

Please lift up my friend Denise's father and petition for supernatural healing. He has suffered a stroke and seems to have suffered a second.

Please continue to pray for my mom. I thank the Lord that her oxygen came up today. May the Lord continue to do the work he has started in her and help her get off the ventilator.