Prayer Requests - FL

Freedom for my mom. She gets so restless sometimes. Pray my mom will seek God, love God, and that her mind will be renewed.

God, keep me sober and improve my back health. Lord, help me make sales in business, help my work, save me from poverty, and help my business make money.

God keep my dad safe from all evil. Bring Abba into his life. Bless my mother. Improve her life sevenfold.

God keep me sober. Help me stay focused on my studies. Help me really earn. Help me with these songs. Save me from poverty forever. Please help.

God bless my aunt. God bless her eyes. Bless her apartment. Help her with finances. Bless her family. Take her to the best things. Help her.

Please pray for a young man who left church and has no direction. He left school and is not working. He is severely depressed, spending all day in his room.

Please pray for a brother from church, Harvey, who needs direction on where he can move. Losing his home due to financial difficulty.

Salvation for Sue from Ohio who's diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has metastasized to her lungs. The doctor said she has only two months to live.

Please pray for a miracle for Aunt Eva who is not expected to survive COVID-19 and her daughter Diane, who also has COVID-19. Thank you! Blessings!

Praying for my husband's health. He pulled muscles in his chest and has severe pain. May the healing hands of God lay over him to remove the pain.