Prayer Requests - IA

Please pray that my husband and I will submit to God's calling to be last days leaders. Pray for our prodigal son Joshua and his wife Danica.

I'm very sick and feel I have no quality of life, I lost everything, can barely work, and survived cancer twice. Help me, Jesus, please.

God's grace, mercy, miracles, redemption, wholeness, restoration, renewal. recovery, healing, deliverance, love, power, spirit, promises, kindness, care, and a sound mind.

Please pray for Glen. He has some problems with his co-workers at the mail service. Please pray that he gets along with all his co workers in Jesus name.

I want to be released from sin but I am paralyzed with fear. This situation seems impossible to correct. I need God's power and mercy.

My Assembly of God church [ of which I've been the secretary for the last 9 years ], desperately needs to repent from not teaching God's Word, and to ask God to restore us back to the commission.
Thank you, Pastor Tim, for your messages.