Prayer Requests - India

Please pray. Heavy head hair growth with no head hair fall. A tooth growth in the place of surgery. Schengen visa in my passport/phone. Water supply in my home.

Have been struggling to find a suitable believer girl to get married, for years. I am in my 40's and request your prayer. Thank you, Pastor Conlon and TSC.

Praise the Lord. I'm a Christian. I used to pray and read the Bible and also spent my time worshiping.

My mother and eldest sister are crippled due to a hip fracture; pray for their healing and salvation. Pray salvation for my father and sibling. Also pray for my wife and I; for the fruit of the womb.

Kindly pray for God's will to be done in my life and every obstacle against it to be removed from my life and from me as well asap. Thank you. Shalom.

Please pray. My teeth to become permanently full and perfect. No strand of my hair to fall. Clean water to come from the taps in my home.

I have hired a senior Most person but he does not have real knowledge and skills. I am worried about my decision. Lord please remove him and find another.

I am a youth who just crossed 21 years. I want to be delivered from porn videos and from wasting time on social media. I want to born-again. My sin is tormenting me.

Brother is in financial trouble and refuses to take money from anyone. His house is up for rent but unable to find anyone willing. Please pray.

Lord, pull down demonic altars, incantations, witchcraft. Destroy the prophets of Baal, throw Jezebel out. Expose the lies and fraud. Let the truth prevail.