Prayer Requests - Zimbabwe

Pray so that I can find blessings and favors in my life. I am suffering because I have a lot of debts and I can't even pay for the school fees for my kids.

Please pray for me to get a job. I've been struggling to pay for my college fees, l won't be allowed to sit in for the final exams in October.

My family is going through difficult times due to generational curses. Our son Gugulethu has disowned his parents. Noma does not have a steady job.

I am out of a job and it's tough. l need to pay my college fees in order to write my college exams by the end of March 2023. Please help me pray for a new job.

Please help me in prayer; l keep failing God. l want to remain in faith and seek God first regardless of the circumstances I'm in at the moment.

Please help me pray for deliverance from the power of lust and pornography addiction. Thank you.