Prayer Requests - Poland

My life has been consumed with an unhealthy fear of God and surrendering to Him completely. I dread hell and live in severe depression and anxiety. Help.

Pray for pastor Kazik, who brought many to saving faith. Stroke has attacked him today morning.

Pray for a miracle for the infant, Maja, who was born with her intestines outside her body. Two operations are behind her.

Pray for Wieslaw to be set free from depression. Also salvation for him and his family.

Pray for the salvation and miraculous restoration of motorial efficiency. After the operation of the vertebral column of my business partner.

We are Christians, my marriage is broken, please God put us back together. Please help me!

Pray for Kazik who's a faithful preacher and pastor. He is going to be operated on for long hours, because of a very serious illness of his heart and lungs.

Pray for 9-month-old Lenka, in the hospital with a virus that is extremely dangerous for babies. Every blessing to you.