Prayer Requests - Yemen

Praying for the 7 million men women and children, who are dying of famine and starvation in war torn Yemen - a Muslim country. Please pray for God's mercy!

Lord we are praying for the children dying of malnutrition because of the war in Yemen. Lord have mercy, provide food. Push back enemy.

Lord we are praying for you to push back Isis give them a major setback so many start to question Islam. Lord please shake Isis. Convict.

Please pray for the Indian Catholic priest kidnapped by Isis who may be crucified by them on Good Friday. Lord have mercy. Deliver from evil.

Please pray for the threat of Isis in Yemen Afghanistan after Isis assassinated a governor in Yemen. Lord please raise a standard. Mercy.

Lord we pray for an outpouring of your Holy Spirit in Yemen. That you would raise a standard many would be saved. Protection from Isis.