Prayer Requests - AL

Please pray for my son Jeremy. He needs to be hospitalized because of very bad psychotic break with reality. He's convinced people are after him.

I have an appointment with the neurologist Friday in Huntsville. Pray I get some answers. I had 5 different tests run on my head on July 2nd.

Pray Jack knows he is worthy of a good life. A person's past does not have to follow them forever. Jesus died for that to be true.

Please pray for my mother Stacy she is not feeling good she has had a heart attack and she feels really weak and shaky please pray God would heal her.

Please pray for my wife to have peace and rest. She's having to work a new job, and finish up her old job at the same time. She's having a difficult time.

Recently got married and having problems please pray for us. I'm about to have son, Samuel. Pray he's filled with the Holy Spirit.