God’s Power Changes Everything

By Carter Conlon

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Pastor Carter’s book is a powerful teaching on the power of prayer compellingly illustrated by his own life experiences, most of which he is sharing for the first time in the book.

“Just as Esther was prodded by Mordecai to approach the throne of the king for the sake of her people, I’m hoping that this book is going to prod many people to go back to the throne of God to find, as the Scriptures say, grace and strength to help in this present time of need. I believe that the lives of many people are now hanging in the balance, spiritually speaking, and if we will start to pray again, as the people of God, we can know a spiritual awakening again in America. It really is a very short window the Lord has set before us.

Join me in this book as we look at the tremendous lesson that Jesus gives us in Mark 9 – along with some of my own personal experiences — and how it relates to us, our walk with God, and our impact on our world.  You will find, as I have, that IT’S TIME TO PRAY!” Pastor Carter Conlon

The Carter Conlon Compassion Fund

Pastor Carter has designated all net profits to the author from this book to the Carter Conlon Compassion Fund.

Thus far the fund has been used to benefit the following:

$15,000 – To an organization in the Middle East that helps girls used as sex slaves by ISIS.
$5,000 – For winter coats for children in Panama City.
$5,000 – For Blankets for the homeless in New York City.

Thank you for buying a book! Your purchase today will help us relieve human suffering around the world.

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