Prayer Requests - Netherlands

Please pray. I have a new job. Please pray for big success. I keep hearing an inner voice say "be carefull, watch out". Please God, show me why.

Please pray that God will soon lead me to a godly man and me to him for a marriage founded on God's Word. I believe, yet in pain while waiting.

I am an online TSC member in Amsterdam. Pray for my son, wife and 2 granddaughters who tested positive for COVID-19 and are in quarantine.

I'm dealing with unclean and blasphemous thoughts. Also, I'm almost burnt out from serving my family in a difficult time. I'm weary and heavy laden.

Please pray for my dad to be saved. He has a hard time with my sick mom, Alzheimer. Please pray for my mom to be saved also. Thank you and God bless you all family.

Please pray for Tonia (my mom). Doctor's report says she has six months to live because of blood cancer. Small chance she will have therapy that works.

Please pray for my sister's salvation and healing of breast cancer. She is 70-years-old.

Lord Jesus, help. My mother has severe blood cancer. Please heal her and the hurting in my fathers heart. Help us Lord, please. I feel so broken.

Lord Jesus, help. My wife wants a divorce. I made a lot of mistakes and failed in loving her, as she deserves to be loved. Heal us and our three kids.

Urgent prayer request for for D. She tried to commit suicide last week. She's in a coma right now. Pray for this Jewish family. For their salvation.