Prayer Requests - Lebanon

Please pray for me to be free completely from homosexuality and to find a good wife.

Please pray for me to be free from the spirit of homosexuality in Jesus' name and to find a good wife. Thank you, and God bless you.

Pray for my big brother he's oppressed in a case he didn't do. Now a special person he loves much is against him, pray for his innocence to be proved.

Pray for me to find helpful and good people near me, and to be optimistic to forget bad times in my life. Pray to get help in everything difficult.

I'm from Lebanon, a Muslim girl and engaged with a Muslim man. I want to be divorced. Please pray to be free soon without problems. I'm scared and feel bad.

Please pray for my parents to give me more freedom and to let me visit the city I was born in. Also pray for me not to attempt suicide again. Thx.

Pray to God to let my wishes come true if they are good for me. Pray that I get well soon after stopping antidepressant. I pray not to feel down or sad.

Please help me, pray for me for my difficult life and situations. I want to be free and not to feel like I'm in prison. I want to meet my sister I haven't seen her over 5 years ago. Take my hand Jesus.

Please pray for my salvation for the truth of Jesus Christ to order my heart and actions.