Prayer Requests - Denmark

Please pray for my 21-year-old son. He is born with Ivemark syndrome (5 heart defects and no spleen). His liver and lungs are also affected.

TEXT: For Ole, he's in a critical condition, lung cancer! Pray for miraculous healing and salvation!

Please pray that this time I will have the courage to take the job God is leading me into, and not what is on my lovely wife's mind.

Lord help me surrender. Free me to get peace and joy. Help me and my family to be saved, renewed, healed and be united. Please pray for me. Thanks.

Please pray; I got married, got a good job, the wife He wanted me to have and got fired without a cause.
I need the courage and wisdom to take the right job.

Please pray. I got married 9 months ago, a new job and house sold this month.
Jesus, please speak through your word, which direction to go. Thanks.